Why One-on-One Interaction is Important for your Outsourcing Company

By Shahera Choudhury

The key phrase “One-on-One” plays a major role in the success of your company. Whether employees are located onsite or they work remotely, it is very important for them to have one-on-one interactions with their managers. When one-on-one is missing, it is often difficult to achieve results. At SJ Innovation, all of our employees meet […]

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4 Ways to Make Your Website Cross-Browser Compatible

By Trusha Sinai Desai

Cross-browser compatibility has time and again proved to be integral to the success of any website. The objective is to guarantee easy access to all users regardless of the browser or device they’re on. When building your site to be cross-browser compatible, be sure to consider the needs of differently gifted users and persons with disabilities. Providing accessibility to such […]

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