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Push messaging, and more. Signing up with SJ Mosque App lets you show your masjid’s Prayer and adhan timings on every phone immediately.

We are offering this App for Free for 3 Months to Any Mosque in USA. NO hosting fee, 100% Free of Cost.
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To support the community during the COVID-19 crisis SJ is offering this App to the mosques free of charge. If you are interested, please contact us.

Key Features

Prayer Timings

Prayer plays a vital role in Muslims to success in their life. Because without prayer you can’t succeed in life. This is a beautiful gift that gives Allah to Muslims. So, they can pray five times daily and remember their GOD. Prayer avoids Muslims from bad things and cleans their hearts.
This feature is unique in the sense that you no longer need to choose a calculation method nor start adjusting times to fit your locality as with other Apps on the market – the prayer times have been uploaded directly from the mosque you choose to subscribe to. You will get whole year prayer timings in your hand. Just tap on any specific date it will show you the 5 times prayer timing.


Live Mosque

During the epidemic situation it becomes tough to go outside and complete your prayer on time or you are so busy with your work that you cant join any occasion in Mosque. This feature will connect with mosques. Wherever you are but you are always close to the mosque, It is a unique feature that we have implemented on our Mosque App. Anyone can join from anywhere. It will allow the user to see what is going on in the mosque. They can join jamaat as well as any other occasions live. It will give users real time experience. Just click on a link and become a part of muslim community


Ask Imam

You have lots of questions in your mind regarding the Quran and Hadith and other Islamic theories, but you didn’t find a proper place to ask?
As the title suggests – with this feature you can send your questions directly to your local Masjid for the Imam/Scholar to review and answer. All questions will remain anonymous, hence you are now able to ask your personal questions without having to speak face to face with your imams/scholars and benefit from their spiritual guidance. Users have the ability to ask any question at any time.

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