Our Story



 In the beginning , back in 2004, there was Shahed Shahera in their bedroom and trying to make one client successful.


Soon they realize, client wants more.They need more team members in many time zone. They open office in Ukraine, Goa , Dhaka and be up all night to communicate and make sure work gets on time, also make sure employees are happy, one employee at a time.


Some client got huge success, more traffic on website means, they need a better team. SJ started following process and create strong team to deliver client stability. They added Project manager in New york, they added dedicated QA and code review and many other process so bring stability to client business.







While doing this, Sj build a strong HR team, streamline a better hiring process to hire top talent, bring employees across to glove and give them tools they need. Team grow to 140 strong members and 6 locations across glove