7 Terrific Project Management Practices To Follow ASAP!

7 Terrific Project Management Practices To Follow ASAP!

What separates an average project manager from a great one? 


Emotional Intelligence in Project Management

Emotional Intelligence in Project Management

Project Management can often be hectic and that can lead to outburst of emotions that we may regret later. It is important that we practice emotional intelligence and keep working on it on a regular basis. There are many things to be learnt and understood but I want to touch base on 7 things that I try to practice:

Why Project Manager Meetings are Important

The Significance and Benefits of Project Manager Meetings

To fully appreciate the value of attending bi-weekly Project Manager meetings, it is important, in the first instance, to take a step back and consider what exactly Project Management is, then the benefits that each individual PM can gain from these meetings, should become much more clear.

Challenges Associated with Direct Outsourcing

Why Direct Outsourcing Doesn't Work

The global outsourcing market has declined lately, after peaking during the Great Recession. It had a total value of $88.9 billion in 2015, which was hardly any higher than the $87.5 billion recorded in 2008. Despite this, there are some markets where outsourcing continues to thrive, such as software development. If you look at nations such as India, China, Argentina, Romania, Ukraine, Bangladesh, there is a wealth of skilled and knowledgeable developers, who can offer cost-effective services without forcing you to compromise on the standard of work.

Tips to Cultivating Learning in a Team

Cultivating Learning in team


We have always heard that due to the hectic work schedule team members always find it difficult to spend some quality time towards learning new things. Self-Motivation is one of the important factor which gets affected and team members find it difficult to maintain in this busy and tiring schedule. Hence it's always a challenge for Managers to keep it going. For the past 1 year I have been handling the responsibility of QA Team as a Manager and thought of sharing a few things which we could achieve in a team.