Is the Future of Web Development Heading to a Dead End?

Is the Future of Web Development Heading to a Dead End?

Here’s a wake up call for web developers if there ever was one! Developers, are you prepared?


I want to start this article with a question, “Do you think web developers are heading towards a dead end?” or “Is the future of web development at stake?”

A wake up call for WEB developers!


These questions may shake you up and make you say, “wait, what?”


After all, these are questions that can frighten web developers and designers who are currently working in the industry. First, let me define this, “What does a dead end for web developers mean?” 


Simply put, a dead end for developers means that there will be no job vacancies for developers or specific types of developers completely. 


‘Yuval Noah Harari’, an Israeli author, claims that the majority of jobs will disappear within the next 20 years. This also applies to all engineering-related positions. He provided some information on the various manual jobs that have vanished in the last three to four decades. Humans will be replaced by machines. These highlights from  Yuval Noah Harari certainly serve as a wake-up call for web developers and designers alike.


Keeping this mind, I've attempted to highlight a few key elements that are crucial to understanding the future of web design and development below.


Rise of the AI

rise of the AI


When looking at technology for web development, there is a concern and hype going around within the last few years that AI is going to replace developers and designers. Also, the advancement of machine learning consequently will replace data analysts too. But is there concrete evidence to say this?


  • ADI is a type of technology that creates websites on its own, requiring just brief human input to set the context and desired results using a set of "input" parameters.
  • In order to develop more intuitive functionality and better user experiences, ADI has been bridging the gap between human cognition and machine automation using recent advancements in AI algorithms and machine learning capabilities. 
  • There is tremendous potential to use ADI to comprehend creative rules and apply them independently when it comes to web design and development. 
  • While ADI and machine learning will never completely replace the creative process, designers and developers may utilize AI as an enhanced intelligence to predict consumer outcomes and produce better products.


Github Copilot

The OpenAI Codex, an artificial intelligence model developed by OpenAI, an artificial intelligence research facility, powers GitHub Copilot. 

  • From the most widely used web development technologies, the Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3 (GPT-3) is a language model that uses deep learning to create text that resembles human speech. 
  • The OpenAI Codex is a modified, production version of the GPT-3. For instance, Codex may produce solution code when given a programming challenge in natural language. 
  • Additionally, it has the ability to translate code between programming languages and describe input code in English. 
  • Microsoft, GitHub's parent firm, is the only entity with a license to use Codex's GPT-3.


Here is an example of how Github Copilot works

All you need to do is give the AI human-like instructions, and it will know what to do.

AI coding


Your modern software company's business apps will soon benefit greatly from AI, and you may improve your software development process by integrating it into as many portions as you can. 


AI will soon be required of software engineers. It has already assumed the spotlight in a way that has never been done before, and it is not about to give it up. We won't be able to function without AI any longer, whether it be in the form of a chatbot, an AI-powered office phone system, or decision-making AI so it’s best wise to gain knowledge about it when you go through how to choose technology for web development.


We are unable to keep up with the rate of change in the software development environment. You must be aware of new technology and quickly adapt it if you want to stay one step ahead of the competition.


Decentralized Technology for Web Development

Decentralized technology


There is a hype floating around that WEB 2.0 is over and that we are now in WEB 3.0, where decentralized cloud computing and all web transactions will take place.


  • Decentralized means that the web apps won't have a central server or storage. Facebook, for instance, has its own data center. 
  • Everything we post on Facebook is stored in their data center, where they have the ability to alter it at any time or remove it entirely if they choose. 
  • However, in a decentralized system there will be no scope for doing so. Each user will be in charge of their own security and data.


Among the best technologies to learn for web development, Blockchain works wonders. 

  • Blockchain has expanded far beyond its origins in cryptocurrencies, making inroads into a variety of businesses. 
  • As a result, there is a huge demand for developers with experience creating blockchain networks and applications, which has encouraged many people to think about a career in blockchain development.


Here are some of the skills that a blockchain developer should have:

  • Blockchain architecture
  • Cryptography
  • Smart contracts
  • Data structures


For the described reasons, decentralized technology is among the top 10 technologies for web development. Web developers should adopt decentralized technology as soon as possible because in the upcoming 10 years, there will be a huge demand for Block chain developers. Things will be harder for the conventional centralized web development system to survive.    

Sticking to Old Technologies

Looking at 2022, we can safely say that technology is developing so quickly that new versions of every programming language and framework are released periodically. As a result, top trending technologies in web development are always ever changing. 

  • The use of AngularJs to create single page applications skyrocketed in 2009. 
  • Then Angular was accepted and mastered by many developers. 
  • However, in 2022, we can observe that React Js has significantly increased in popularity among developers when it comes to creating single-page applications.

Given how top trending web development technologies are constantly evolving, it might be challenging to switch to a new technology after a developer settles into their comfort zone with an existing one. However, the unpleasant reality is that there is no absolute in the technology sector. This will cost you if you are confined to one location.  


Move to Serverless Architecture 

An upcoming software architecture called serverless will host apps on the public cloud to make it simpler for developers to write code that will operate on a cloud platform.

statistics of serverless architect market size


For the migration to serverless a developer needs to refactor his code in such a way so that it supports serverless computing. 


To adopt serverless architecture, a web developer needs to have some specific skills such as:

  1. API and Microservices Design
  2. Event-driven Architectures and Asynchronous Messaging Patterns
  3. Lambda Computing Environment and Programming Model
  4. Serverless Deployment Automation and CI/CD Patterns


We need to understand this and few more skills along with the fact that serverless is the future and that businesses will shift to serverless today or tomorrow. So, developers must unlock these skills along with how any Serverless is the most used technology for web development to be on demand in the job market.  


Drag & Drop Site Builders 

Drag and drop site builders are a pre-built system where a non-developer or a non-tech guy can build his small business site without prior knowledge of front-end or back-end development. 

Drag and drop site builders have been very popular for the last 15 years and the popularity is growing everyday. Why is that?


Low cost

Cost is a big factor for startups, so it is a good choice to build a website for business with drag and drop site builders such as Wix or Squarespace. So, previously where 4 developers were needed to build a site, now it will be only 1, even 0. So the development cost will be minimal. 


Easy customization

Additionally, customization is incredibly simple and practical. Also, there are a ton of pre-built themes and user interface elements that may be used at any moment with little effort and at a low cost.


As a result, dynamic websites can be created using tools without the need for coding expertise. Let's say you want to create a website for your tiny startup. You will choose tools like wix or squarespace since you lack the funds to engage web developers to create a custom website, which will ultimately save you time and money.


What then is going on in the Background?

To properly manage Wix, for instance, 50 web developers are working, and their solution is replacing thousands of web professionals and saving thousands of hours of development time.


Although there are many additional factors, it is evident from the picture that there is a decline in the demand for developers as the top 10 web development technologies go on altering. From the outside, it appears like there are more jobs available, but closer examination reveals that the overall comparative demand has not increased as much as it should have.

In order to develop the system rather than the product, developers should concentrate on drag-and-drop site building technology.


Top technologies web developers should focus on

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

  • 54.8 percent of global website traffic is generated from mobile devices as per stats published on Statistia
  • Therefore, Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is the future of web development. AMP technology is introduced to create web pages that load faster on mobile by stripping down HTML. 
  • AMP creates mobile-friendly copies of web pages for mobile devices that load faster.


Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

  • Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are web apps that leverage the advancement of web technologies to bring a native app-like user experience to cross-platform web applications. 
  • PWAs are easy to develop as compared to sophisticated mobile apps. 
  • In the simplest form, PWAs are a combination of regular web pages and native apps.


Blockchain Technology

  • Blockchain is not the latest web development technology. 
  • It was first introduced in 1991 by Stuart Haber and W Scott Stornetta in the form of a cryptographically secured chain of blocks. 
  • With the continuous development and advancement of technology, it gained popularity when Bitcoin was launched in 2009 by an unknown person pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto, based on blockchain technology.


In 2020, global spending was 4.5 billion dollars on blockchain solutions. By the end of 2021 it was expected to reach 6.6 billion dollars, and it is predicted to move to 19 billion U.S. dollars by 2024 according to Statistia


Single Page Applications (SPAs)

  • Single page websites are in demand now and have become the future of website development. 
  • It’s also beneficial for businesses that don’t need much content on their website.
  • Single Page Applications use HTML, AJAX, JavaScript, and JSON to build a complete single-page website. These allow a web page to update without reloading.


Motion UI

  • A SAAS framework called Motion UI allows users to build animations and transitions including video animation using Toggler, Reveal, and Orbit components to improve the user experience. 
  • By incorporating basic CSS files with pre-made animation into their designs, UI/UX developers can integrate it.
  • Motion UI is the future of web development since it is so user-friendly. 
  • Since 2018, it has been demonstrated that using this technology makes websites stand out from the competition and attracts clients.


To conclude…

All said and done, though there are a lot of new things coming up with the acceleration of Artificial Intelligence, there is nothing to worry about. Web development will continue. As the sector grows, developers are making adjustments to meet the needs of the public. For instance, customers are increasingly embracing DIY platforms like Shopify and WordPress to create their own websites.

To keep up with these advancements, web developers must adapt. They don't appear to be in danger of becoming outdated anytime soon.

The field of web development is continuously changing, it is still alive and well. Although they may need to change their approach to stay current with emerging trends, web developers will always be a crucial component of building digital projects for clients.

To know more, get in touch with our skilled and nuanced team of software experts.

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