Qualities to Become a Good Software Tester

List of 8 Qualities Required to Become a Good Software Tester

Now a days Software testing is becoming very important part of the companies. Because organisations now know how important software testing is for successful and popularity of the software. So companies are looking out for a bunch of good testers for their QA department to deliver quality product for customers. So below are the few qualities one should have to become good testers.

1. Start Early
When software is in design phase, as a tester you should start analyzing requirements, writing test cases and test plan. Because most of the defects can be identified in design phase and this in turn will save time and money.

2. Quality
No matter in which industry you work, quality is main factor of the product. Never compromise on quality at any stage of testing. Compromising at any level leads to defective product. For successful product, quality cannot be an exception–it must be the requirement.

3. Prioritize Tests
A good tester should be able to identify important test cases and features that are to be tested. Because it may not be possible to give 100% coverage, but this will ensure all major functionalities are covered

4. Think from Users Perspective
All products are developed for customers. Customers may or may not be technical persons. So tester should put himself in the end user's shoes and apply all the scenarios. After all, products are successful only if the customer is able to use the product with ease.

5. Open to Suggestions
Always listen to others who has good knowledge of the project or technology. This will help you to improve the quality of the product.
There is always a room for improvements and getting suggestions from colleague is a good idea.

6. Good Communication Skills
The tester should be able to communicate the issues to the development team in the most effective and efficient manner. Poor communication can leads to disagreement and misunderstandings. So it may in turn can affect the project.

7. Good Learner
In an IT field, testing is an area that keeps evolving every day. A good tester must keep himself updated with the latest technologies and happenings in the field of testing.

8. Time Management
We live in a fast paced world. Every project has deadline and need to be completed in given period of time. So a very important feature of good software engineers is that they should know that they’re on a clock and therefore need to manage their time wisely.


Praveen Devarkar
Praveen Devarkar
QA Engineer
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