Develop Prompt and Robust Headless CMS Solutions For Scalable Apps and Websites

Looking to switch to CMS Headless solutions? Our proficient team is an expert in CMS Headless technology! We’re also certified solution, implementation, and community partners of Contentstack, Contentful, Strapi, and Sanity. Our CMS Headless experts help discover the aptest Headless CMS solution for your organization and migrate cost-effectively, in a way that saves time and effort. Build customized and future-proof headless CMS solutions created to take your business to the next level.

CMS Headless: Develop Prompt and Robust Solutions For Scalable Apps and Websites

For CMS Headless Digital Experiences that Stun, We Help you Move to Headless quickly

For CMS Headless Digital Experiences that Stun, We Help you Move to Headless quickly

We are result-oriented service providers, devoted full-time to Headless CMS design and development. We devise robust and custom solutions to offer architecture using any technology you wish to choose. We are dedicated to helping you achieve a hassle-free transition — With a proven track record of collaborating with the foremost headless platforms in the business to our knowledgeable professionals equipped with the right expertise.

Our CMS Headless implementation focuses on harnessing the power of all technologies available to swiftly and productively migrate from a traditional CMS so that you can go Headless without wasting time. Our CMS solutions for headless services empower your content management with flexibility and scalability. Our team helps enhance your digital abilities to effectively manage and publish content exceptionally and faster by leveraging the power of a CMS Headless solutions such as Contentstack, Contentful, Strapi, or!

The services we offer


Contentstack is a CMS Headless solution specifically designed for enterprises and large-scale deployments. We implement Contentstack in various businesses to uniquely innovate and manage content independently so delivering applications and websites without wasting time becomes easy. Contentstack’s intuitive and powerful interface helps developers and content managers benefit from omnichannel digital experiences. SJ Innovation is Contentstack’s biggest vendor and personalizes and delivers content from traditional and headless content and commerce backends.



Contentful is the most popular Headless Content Management System that assists digital teams to collect content and deliver experiences fast. This CMS Headless is a content management developer platform with an API at its core. It makes it seamless to launch new products, design new channels, and step into new markets with a content platform that thrives and expands along with your business.


Strapi is the leading open-source Headless CMS and a 100% Javascript, fully customizable, and developer-first platform. It saves API development time efficiently through an eye-catching admin panel anyone can utilize. This CMS Headless system provides developers the freedom to pick their preferred tools and frameworks while making it easy for editors to distribute and manage their content with the help of their application’s admin panel.


Sanity is a completely customizable, CMS Headless platform. It is for structured content that makes it easy for teams to collaborate together in real-time to design engaging digital experiences across channels.

Benefits of using a Headless CMS

Supports omnichannel architecture

Offers a seamless omnichannel experience that goes through all touchpoints while maintaining relevance and consistency. The CMS Headless approach also provides resiliency when faced with changes on the user interface side (future-proof).

Offers versatility and frontend flexibility

Makes it easy to choose your programming language, with the ability to build your “head” (frontend/presentation layer) end to end. Developers can reuse and combine a single content item with various presentation outputs. CMS Headless also provides easy and secure integrations with all of your present systems. You can build code for any kind of integration.

Provides a cost-effective solution

Since technical involvement is less with CMS Headless, it’s faster for your business teams to come up with new functionality. As a result, your up-front costs reduce greatly too. It’s easier to start with smaller solutions and then build your way up.

Makes it easy to future-proof an application

Distributing digital content across omnichannels (various platforms) from a single backend becomes easy. A CMS Headless approach helps future-proof your application by separating your presentation layer from your data and logic layer. It helps structure your content as well as work for re-branding one or more channels.

Who is this best suited for?

Key benefits of our CMS Headless Services

Any organization or enterprise looking to connect with customers at scale, respond quickly to emerging market opportunities, and streamline content operations, especially with CMS headless.

Content editors and marketers as it becomes easy to author, enter, reuse, and find content easily with CMS headless.

Outsourcing companies and startups looking to publish content for multiple channels and are looking to take advantage of the omnichannel experience with CMS headless.

Developers looking to work with different technologies and frameworks while distributing content via API to build applications with CMS headless.

Pharmaceutical companies target patients/healthcare professionals on every channel, eliminate tedious processes and streamline healthcare knowledge/updates with CMS headless.

Companies focusing on AI & IoT to create, update, and manage content which reduces costs and the dependence on highly trained technical staff with CMS headless.

New websites so developers can build with speed and with complete independence of tools, code, APIs, and third-party integrations with CMS headless.






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Why Us


Culture Based Company with Employee Happiness at its Heart

We’ve been in the business long enough to know that employee happiness means collaboration, focus, and benefits that transfer directly to the customer, so you can ensure quality CMS Headless solutions that do not disappoint! Explore our array of CMS solutions, tailored to optimize headless content management for your business.


Extensive Hours of Support Through New York Based Project Team

Our New York-based project management team offers 18 hours a day of on-demand assistance with team sizes and technologies adaptive to your immediate CMS headless needs.


Excellent Communication Skills

We work hard to establish fluid communication between teams regarding CMS headless development and achieve integrated development from the test plan and execution to the final product.


Knowledgeable Headless CMS Team

Our globally renowned and trusted software team, including CMS headless development experts, have over 18 years of combined experience delivering transparent services at the cutting edge of software testing capability.


Structured Analysis and Report

We adhere to a structured approach for CMS headless development, so all testing stages are based on a detailed analysis covering all areas of the software. Experience the future of content management with our high-end headless CMS solutions, designed to redefine your digital presence.


Trusted and Experienced Team

We are globally renowned, dependable, and follow a transparent, well-established communication process from execution to final product for CMS headless development.

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Design & Development for Lifecycle Marketing Consultancy


Project Summary
SJ Innovation LLC provides design and development services for a lifecycle marketing consulting agency. The goal is to create marketing communication for third-party clients.
Feedback Summary
Since SJ Innovation LLC joined the project, they have not missed any deadline, and the third-party clients have received high-quality solutions. The third-party clients have also given excellent feedback. The team's communication is seamless, updating the client from time to time.

"The turnaround times of deliverables have
been the most impressive area they excel in."

Jackson Yomogida
Jackson Yomogida
Co-Founder - Grafted Growth


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