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New York-Based AWS Cloud Consultant Service

Empowering enterprises, SMEs, and start-ups with end-to-end AWS cloud consulting services, AWS cloud services, and transformational efficiency! Our expertise also includes DevOps as a service to enhance your cloud operations further.

Seeking to expand your business, automate processes, or consolidate your network in the cloud? We are an AWS consulting partner you can rely on! Our wide array of AWS cloud services and AWS cloud consulting services is designed to bridge your organization with AWS technology — for innovation that works. Our DevOps as a Service approach ensures development and operations teams work seamlessly, for faster software releases and enhanced agility.


AWS Cloud Services

Offered AWS Cloud Consulting Services

When done right, AWS can place businesses at the forefront of cloud technology and grant cost-and-time-effective benefits alongside revolutionary business performance. We offer skilled AWS cloud consulting services, timely AWS cloud services, and DevOps as a Service. We are an AWS consulting partner that provides integrated collaboration with clients to not only resolve any technical problems they may be facing but also offer custom AWS cloud consulting services to develop designs and architectures that leverage the full power of AWS in their industry. 

Our AWS DevOps as a Service empowers businesses with seamless, end-to-end automation and optimization, allowing you to focus on innovation while we handle the infrastructure. Besides DevOps as a Service, our AWS cloud services include cloud migration and cloud-managed services to Cloud-native apps, DevOps automation, security data analytics, and much more. SJ Innovation is an AWS consulting partner that creates a platform for AWS to maximize return on investment—and scale your business at will.

Our Capabilities

AWS Cloud Migration

High-performance cloud migration that fits to scale for cloud-ready, automated, and agile databases and applications with minimal disruption to business processes. Our team of AWS certified solutions architect and other experts have extensive experience in AWS cloud consulting services and can help you choose the right AWS cloud services to meet your business needs. We also include DevOps as a Service to accelerate the development and deployment of applications! Our AWS Solutions Architects design and implement cloud solutions that maximize efficiency and scalability perfectly! Experience the agility and efficiency of DevOps as a Service on AWS, streamlining your development pipelines and accelerating your software delivery

Architecture Design & Build

Align the capabilities of AWS technology with your business, industry, and budget through expert environment assessments, cost analyses, and custom-built architectures. We are AWS consulting partners that offer AWS cloud consulting services to help you make informed decisions about the best AWS cloud services for your business. We also come up with a strategy for DevOps as a Service to streamline software development and deployment.

AWS Managed Services

Experience persistent AWS cloud security, functionality, and optimization with 24/7 support, monitoring, and collaborative innovation at any scale with our AWS managed services, AWS cloud consulting services, and personalized Service Level Agreements (SLA). Our range of AWS cloud services, including DevOps as a Service, helps optimize your cloud environment so applications run efficiently.

DevOps Automation

Our AWS cloud consulting services help automate repetitive tasks and eliminate countless dependencies in test and deployment infrastructures. Our AWS cloud services (along with offering DevOps as a Service) leverage the power of standardized tools to quickly deliver stable and high-performance applications and rollouts. With our DevOps as a Service solution, we ensure continuous integration and deployment for your applications, that are cost-effective and scalable

AWS Cloud Service

From cost and data optimization to compliance, security, and business acceleration through tailored AWS cloud services, we are AWS consulting partners that give you all the features and benefits of AWS cloud consulting services and DevOps as a Service— sans the learning curve.

Cloud Native App

Our AWS cloud consulting services specialize in helping businesses take advantage of AWS cloud services to create future-proof, cloud-native applications designed with microservice architectures. Our AWS certified solutions architect provides expert guidance on legacy platform compatibility, DevOps as a Service, and responsive, scalable, and high-performance features.

AWS Cloud Assessment

Maximize AWS cloud benefits while minimizing costs through expert AWS cloud consulting services assessment of cloud readiness and migrate with the best AWS cloud services based on the interests of your business. DevOps as a Service ensures smooth operations on the AWS cloud platform! Make the most of AWS with guidance from our certified AWS Solutions Architect. We are AWS consulting partners that create AWS solutions personalized for your business outcomes.


Optimized software delivery with Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery pipelines utilizing AWS development tools and AWS cloud services that achieve automated building, testing, and deployment of software. Our AWS cloud consulting services and DevOps as a Service provide the expertise and support needed to implement and maintain these pipelines.

Why AWS Cloud?

Ease of Use

Simplify data storage, application hosting and business processes with the power of AWS cloud services.


Personalized features that can be adapted to your business, industry, and much more, including AWS cloud consulting services, AWS cloud services, and DevOps as a Service.


Pay-as-you-go pricing and resource scaling make every penny count for AWS cloud consulting services.


Leverage AWS cloud consulting services to advance your enterprise, SME or startup with AWS cloud services and DevOps as a Service.


Facilitate growth and market demand with scalable AWS cloud services and features that align to your budget, processes and goals, utilizing AWS cloud consulting services.


Implement DevOps as a Service to maximize efficiency and enjoy fully compliant and protected AWS cloud services with persistent security infrastructure through AWS cloud consulting services.

Why Choose AWS Cloud?

Key benefits of our AWS Cloud Services

Advantages from Amazon Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) model

Rapid migration to AWS cloud services infrastructure

Reduction of IT infrastructure expenses as well as the total ownership cost with AWS cloud consulting services and DevOps as a Service

Greater access to the global market right from Day 1 with AWS cloud consulting services and DevOps as a Service

Support of a reliable AWS Consulting Partner who can guide you throughout your cloud journey, and resolve any technical issues instantly

Access to other related Amazon Cloud services such as R&D and Management of AWS IT Infrastructure

Industries We Serve

Food & Beverage
Travel & Hospitality
Education & E-learning
Logistics & Transformation
Media & Entertainment
Real Estate
Banking & Finance
Publishing & Advertising






Project Worked

Why Us?


Culture Based Company with Employee Happiness at its Heart

We’ve been in the business long enough to know that employee happiness means collaboration, focus, and benefits that transfer directly to the customer. Our expertise in AWS cloud consulting services and AWS cloud services, combined with our DevOps as a Service offering, helps us innovate solutions that fulfill clients’ needs perfectly


Extensive Hours of Support Through New York Based Project Team

Our New York-based Project Management team offers 18 hours a day on-demand assistance with team sizes and technologies adaptive to your immediate needs. Need support with AWS cloud services or need to implement DevOps as a Service? Our AWS certified solutions architect has the expertise and flexibility to meet your requirements.


Excellent Communication Skills

We work hard to establish fluid communication between teams and achieve integrated development from test plan and execution to final product. Our DevOps as a Service approach helps streamline the development process and accelerate time-to-market.


Proven AWS Competency

Our globally renowned and trusted AWS cloud services team delivers transparent AWS cloud consulting services and DevOps as a Service to effortlessly meet cloud computing needs. For an an AWS Solutions Architect that delivers, trust our team to help you optimize your cloud environment.


Structured Analysis and Report

We adhere to a structured AWS cloud services approach, so all testing stages are based on a detailed analysis covering all areas of the software. Get a detailed report and constant communication with the team to keep abreast of all changes in your software product.


Trusted and Experienced Team

We are globally renowned, trusted, and follow a transparent, well-established AWS cloud consulting services communication process from execution to final product. Our DevOps as a Service offering complements our expertise and allows us to deliver seamless, end-to-end solutions.

Who we’ve worked with

Game of Falls
Fine Fitter

Our Client Testimonials

Design & Development for Lifecycle Marketing Consultancy


Project Summary
SJ Innovation LLC provides design and development services for a lifecycle marketing consulting agency. The goal is to create marketing communication for third-party clients.
Feedback Summary
Since SJ Innovation LLC joined the project, they have not missed any deadline, and the third-party clients have received high-quality solutions. The third-party clients have also given excellent feedback. The team's communication is seamless, updating the client from time to time.

The turnaround times of deliverables have been the most impressive area they excel in.

Jackson Yomogida, Co-Founder - Grafted Growth
Jackson Yomogida
Co-Founder - Grafted Growth

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