Automate Content Marketing in Digital Platforms with CAT-MERN Application

Automate Content Marketing in Digital Platforms with CAT-MERN Application

Nowadays, social media is the biggest platform for marketing. Owing to the huge userbases of networks such as Instagram and Facebook, advertisers can seamlessly reach out to billions of potential customers with a simple click of a mouse. However, there is also a dilemma that becomes prominent. There isn’t enough scope for bigger organizations to manage their marketing content and verify productively. That is where our Application built with MERN can come in handy! 


Here is everything you need to know about automated content marketing with MERN stack and how to automate content marketing in digital platforms with the CAT-MERN application.


Common Problems with Social Media Content

Over the last couple of years, the mainstream media is gaining less attention compared to social media which is thriving in today’s times. Social media has also added another feather up its cap when it added innovation to its service. The result? Businesses were provided with a means to obtain steady and robust growth and expansion. 


However, the biggest problem with social media content is the volume and capacity at which you can churn out content. Since it is easier and cheaper to market content on social media rather than on mainstream media, there is no shortage of content flooding the media. 


So, what’s the problem with that?


The problem lies with the quality of content and management. When social media content is not thoroughly verified or authenticated by the marketers (whether it is appropriate to be published or not) it can have detrimental outcomes. After all, if the content is not published, it can have minimum marketing opportunities. At times, it can even go on to represent a company or brand in a negative light.


Then, there is also the factor that social media platforms do not offer the most crucial features to manage business and marketing content effectively. As a result, the approval of content is needed outside the platform which is a hustle through manual process. There is also the fact that it consumes a great deal of your time. 


So, is there a solution to it? 


Well, to solve this problem a specialized application is needed that is only built specifically for content management and verification purposes automated content marketing with MERN stack


What You Need to Know about Content Approval Tool(CAT)

CAT is an application that includes

  • Content Creation
  • Content Approval
  • Content Rejection
  • Content Modification
  • Comment
  • Repository


Preview: Users who will create marketing content can create the content in the application or they can upload it. After creation, a Content Creator can assign this content to a Social Media Manager for review. A multilevel review option is there if needed. After the content goes through all the approvals, it will be ready for publishing on the marketing platforms. Finally, the users responsible will utilize them for the purpose of marketing on various platforms. 


Why use this application?

You may ask, “Why to use this application?” Well, I’m going to ask you, “Why not?”


Manual Process

  • Contents are not organized
  • Assigning is manual (through email, whatsapp etc)
  • Review process is manual and time consuming.
  • Approval/Rejection is manual
  • Chance of forgetting/overlooking a content is high.
  • Tracking of a content is manual and may have mismatched data.
  • Documentation and proof of any Action is manual.
  • Content distribution is manual.
  • Reports related to content, approval, rejection and distribution is manual.

CAT Automated Process

  • Contents are organized and segmented.
  • Assigning is automated with notification.
  • Review process is automated and fast.
  • Approval/Rejection is manual.
  • No chance at all.
  • Tracking is automated with all the logs.
  • Documentation and proof of any Action is automated.
  • Content distribution is automated.
  • Reports related to content, approval, rejection and distribution are automated.


Technology we used:


mern logo

We used the MERN stack which is a combination of MongoDB as the database program, Express as a Node.js framework, and React to create the UI of the application. There are various resources available that teach you what you need about MERN stack for developers so you can adequately begin with this process. 


MongoDB is a source-available cross-platform document-oriented database program. Classified as a NoSQL database program, MongoDB uses JSON-like documents with optional schemas. MongoDB is developed by MongoDB Inc. and licensed under the Server Side Public License which is deemed non-free by several distributions.


Express JS: 

Express is a node js web application framework that provides broad features for building web and mobile applications. It is used to build a single page, multipage, and hybrid web application. It's a layer built on top of the Node js that helps manage servers and routes.


React JS: 

ReactJS is a declarative, efficient, and flexible JavaScript library for building reusable UI components. It is an open-source, component-based front-end library that is responsible only for the view layer of the application. It was initially developed and maintained by Facebook and later used in its products like WhatsApp & Instagram. MERN stack react native comes with an array of benefits. 


Node JS: 

Node. js is primarily used for non-blocking, event-driven servers, due to its single-threaded nature. It's used for traditional websites and back-end API services but was designed with real-time, push-based architectures in mind.


Why use MERN?

A MERN stack project tutorial offers a glimpse of how MERN stack is the best choice nowadays to build largely scalable web applications which will be used for manipulating large amounts of data. A MERN stack login and registration opens doors to a variety of avenues. 


  • Designing and development time with the MERN stack is minimal compared to other stacks because of its code reusability nature. 
  • Server cost is minimum
  • It provides high-performance and extensive speed optimization features to deliver the best user experience. 
  • Transposing a web application to a mobile app is easier because of React Native.
  • It provides the opportunity to design a web app with a single HTML document.
  • On top of everything, a full-fledged application can be built with a single language, Javascript. 

All in all, marketing in social media is getting more competitive day by day. To cope with that, content creation and distribution strategies must be automated. MERN stack certification to help with social media marketing and content management portrays how CAT can be a very good solution for businesses that produce large amounts of content and want to ensure the quality and maintenance of the terms and conditions of different platforms.


Want to streamline your content marketing efforts? SJ Innovation's MERN Stack services can help!

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