Best way to success is through imperfection


I was an advocate of perfection wanted everything to be perfect and as team lead on the QA team in the SJ Innovation LLC along with ex- colleague (Lavina Faria) one fine day we decide entire QA team should be doing automation, how difficult would it be? Learn any language, practice and implement on our project and we are done!!

The first part seemed pretty simple learning language, the entire team had set a goal of learning a language and we did it. My mistake here was the misconception about what automated testing was? It was like having a group of testers who knew to code and framework knowledge that’s all I needed to promote my team to automation team and I wanted to have perfect automation team. Automation testing means using a tool to get your work done faster.

Practice phase wasn’t that hard to implement because just going through some requirements we would write some simple scripts to get our work done faster Or refer some online challenges to practice on.

Then came implementation phase again, I wanted perfect automation process, coding style, following framework rules etc; just like Mozilla webQA. It was like expecting a child to run even before it could walk and was still struggling to get that perfection in automation It never moved ahead and I realized that I will never be able to have perfection as time is an enemy everything changes so fast e.g. technology, you’ll always find better ways to do things than previously assumed.

In reality, there is nothing perfect. Perfection lies in the eyes of the beholder, we are a bunch of imperfect people trying to make things perfect only to find it changes as time passes, Allowing team members to make mistakes and learning from those mistakes was a wonderful and learning experience. It has to start somewhere and it will never be perfect, but what is important is we retrospect on each mode and move towards perfection climbing ladder of success

Now I’m giving more time and allowing team members decide what’s the best way to do things it may not as perfect as I desire but eventually will get there.

Milton Pereira
Milton Pereira
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