Case Study: Eyedefmedia

Case Study: Eyedefmedia



Details and Requirements:
The client is a creative designer and is a winner of 2012 "Best Creative Agency of All Time". So the client wanted us to develop a very well designed website that portrays the featured projects and portfolios

Implementing the design provided by the client and development allowing the client to administer data on the front end.

Snapshot of the solutions:

Our Endeavors:
The client submitted detailed requirements of the website.
The designs too were provided by the client in PSD formats, and we began converting them into HTML. After the design was completed, it was integrated with CakePHP to satisfy the need of an enticing front end along with a robust backend.
The most challenging task in this project was to develop and customize the slide show on the main banner area that automatically scrolls through the banner that consists of still image and video content. The video banners will play in its place on click and still images will load respective portfolio. Additional challenge was to make the site iPhone and iPad compatible.

Well designed pages with lot of graphic images and video content.
Very flexible menu design to navigate to other pages in the website.

The admin has been empowered to manage pages and the content of the site.

Technologies we used:

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