China's Digital Silk Road Initiative

China DSR is a website which featured an interactive map of countries that participated in China's Digital Silk Road Initiative.

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Council on Foreign Relations launched a website on China's Digital Silk Road Initiative.
China's Digital Silk Road is an essential part of its Belt and Road Initiative. This infoguide maps explains where it's happening and what's at stake.

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The task was to create a static website which featured an interactive map of countries that participated in China's Digital Silk Road Initiative.

The map was to be built in Mapbox GL. There were two categories of countries - countries with case studies and countries without. Users could only interact with countries that have case studies. In this case, the map should zoom in to the selected country and a window with the case study should appear. The map window had two different layouts - a map view and a list view.

The layouts of these two views differed on mobiles or small screens and had to be responsive.


1. The team had to learn Mapbox GL programming within a very short space of time since the deadline was very tight.
2. There were plenty of issues - e.g. the highlighted country flickered when the mouse pointer was moved over it. In javascript, mouse events are very limited and it's very difficult to control the re-painting of regions.
3. The client did not want country names showing on the map when it was initially rendered. But when a country was zoomed in they wanted the country name, it's capital name and the names of neighbouring countries displayed.
4. There were animations to be done - zoom in, zoom out, greying out of map points when a view was changed, popup animations, etc. "


We planned the whole process before writing the code. Within the planning we had a mind mapping session in which we discussed how best we could go about the development. Then, we distributed the work appropriately. Developers did ample research ensuring the whole flow was clearly decided before coding started.
Javascript tasks was distributed between developers so that each member could focus on his area of work. E.g. Mapbox GL was given to one programmer and his task was to research and implement solutions related to the map only. The popup and animations task was given to another, general page layout and structure was given to another developer, etc.
A lot of research work was done and test programs were written and their effects studied. This reduced a lot of rework and helped deal with performance issues at an early stage.


The client was very pleased with our efforts. We were able to deliver the project well before the deadline. The deliverable was of very high quality.
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