ChatGPT in Everyday Work Life (Part 2): Powerful Prompts for Business and Marketing

ChatGPT in Everyday Work Life (Part 2): Powerful Prompts for Business and Marketing

We’re back with Part 2 of our blog on ChatGPT and its everyday applications in the workplace! 

In Part 1, we explored the power of ChatGPT prompts for web development, QA, and project management. Now, in Part 2, we'll be taking a closer look at ChatGPT prompts for business and marketers. How a ChatGPT prompts list can be leveraged by business and marketing professionals to make customer experiences and interactions unique. How this AI-powered tool can help target the right audience and generate new leads.

We asked our marketing and business teams at ‘SJ Innovation’ for ChatGPT prompts examples and how they help in their everyday tasks. Here’s what they had to say! 


Business ChatGPT Prompts

First, let’s take a look at ChatGPT prompts for business!

business chatgpt prompts

"Develop a concise and targeted Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) for an AWS client by identifying key characteristics such as demographics, industry, business size, pain points, goals, and preferences. The ICP should provide a clear understanding of the ideal customer that the client wants to attract and serve, and should serve as a basis for developing effective marketing strategies and sales messaging."

short ideal customer profile for AWS client


"I have a team of AWS developers. I need a fresh marketing strategy that can help me generate more leads, expand my business, and reach new clients. Something new and efficient that would be easy to implement and will deliver results."

Generate more leads for AWS development


"Craft a concise and compelling email to small enterprises and startups, highlighting how they can leverage custom ChatGPT APIs to develop powerful SAAS tools for financial services.”

email for small enterprise to build SaaS tool for financial service


"create a landing page content for a lead magnet offering a free trial of a Learning Management System for education institutes. <Include specifics of Learning Management System details here>

create a landing page content for a lead magnet

create a landing page content for a lead magnet


“Compose a compelling email that introduces our company's expertise in AWS, QA, and GHL, while also showcasing our unique company culture to a new client. The email should be catchy, convey our value proposition, and make them excited to learn more about what we have to offer."

write email about aws service


“Create interesting business background content for a company for BRD. We're focusing on Etsy. 

  • Company website: 
  • Content size: 150 words”

business background content for BRD


"Create a list of five practical and personalized strategies for attracting new clients to the real estate business of Karen Law, who operates in the Toronto, Canada area. For each tip, include specific examples tailored to the unique circumstances of Karen Law's real estate business. The strategies should be actionable and aimed at improving Karen Law's client acquisition efforts.”

create a list of five practical and personalized strategies


"What are the reasons for a pharmaceutical company to partner with a prescription software organization?"

What are the reasons for a pharmaceutical company to partner with a prescription software organization


"Prepare a presentation of EMR software introducing it and discussing its features" 

presentation on EMR software


“Create a checklist for purchasing a car.”

create a checklist for purchasing a car


“Based on the information provided above, create a checklist of eligibility criteria that a buyer should meet.”

Based on the information provided above, create a checklist of eligibility criteria that a buyer should meet


"Can you please turn the content from above into a Facebook post for me, and spice it up with some emojis?"

Can you please turn the content from above into a Facebook post for me, and spice it up with some emojis?


"Explore how an online presence and CRM solution can make the daily life of car salespeople easy and increase their sales performance. Discover how these tools can help streamline the sales process, enhance customer interactions, and boost overall productivity."

Discover how these tools can help


“How can we increase our sales and revenue and what strategies have been successful for similar businesses in our industry?”

How to increase sales and revenue


 “What are the most effective marketing channels for our target audience, and how can we optimize our campaigns for those channels?”

most effective marketing strategies


<insert basic company information> Create a series of four emails, including an introduction email and three follow-up emails, each containing a subject line. The content of each email should consist of 500 words.”

create a series of emails


<Insert one line of company information> I want to create a LinkedIn post offering this service. Write a short and personalized post within 300 words.”

create linkedin post offering service


Those were some of the best Chat GPT prompts from our business team. Now, let’s check out ChatGPT prompts for marketing. 


Marketing ChatGPT Prompts

These are a few ChatGPT prompts for marketers that can prove useful in your everyday tasks and work operations. 

marketing chatgpt prompts


"I'm looking to optimize SEO for our company's Mobile App Development services Can you help me identify the most effective keywords related to Mobile App Development that will drive relevant traffic to our website and improve our search engine visibility? Please gather data on search volume, competition, and related keywords to ensure we are targeting the most valuable keywords for our business."

SEO for mobile app development service


“Can you recommend some low-difficulty, high-volume keywords that are relevant to mobile app development? We want to improve our SEO strategy and increase our visibility in the competitive world of app development.”

keywords for app development service


“Develop a content cluster focused on the keyword "affordable mobile app development.' The goal of this content cluster is to provide valuable information and insights to readers interested in this topic and to boost your website's visibility and credibility in the mobile app development space.”

develop a content cluster


“Write me a Human generated blog post for the keyword Affordable mobile app development with an engaging, optimized title based on 'Why affordable mobile app development is crucial for small businesses'.” 

write a human generated post


“Give me a short script reviewing "" under 55 seconds. 

Here is an overview of this product "":


Code + NoCode + AI

MarsX: Changing the game of software development

Micro AppStore

Developers from all over the earth have spent years building Micro-Apps so you can reuse them in seconds!

Mars lets you start building using No-Code and zero coding skills as long as you stay within the scope of existing micro apps. For example, you can 100% No-Code an Uber-like marketplace. However, if you need to make something completely custom, you need to use the Mars Code interface that lets you enter a proper full-scale coding IDE and create your custom logic. So, unlike Bubble, Mars won't let you build anything with No-Code.”

create short scripts for


Can you provide me with some key takeaways that people will gain from attending the "Hands-on React" webinar?

key takeaways on hands-on-react webinar


“Could you create a Call to Action (CTA) that persuades readers to contact our team of software development experts, with regards to a blog post that concludes with the question of "which tech stack to choose?"

create call to action


“As a software development company offering services for Shopify, please provide a list of potential blog topics for a "Guide to Shopify" that would be useful for our target audience.”

potential blog topics on guide to shopify


“Can you provide me with a framework for the blog post titled ‘Best Development Practices for Customizing Your Shopify Store’?”

provide a framework for a blog


“Produce an interesting, engaging blog based on this structure and adopt the writing style of Neil Patel.”

produce an interesting and engaging blog


“Enhance the quality of this blog by adding relevant data and statistics.”

enhance relevant data and statistics


"I'm looking for a [type of text] that will speak directly to the needs and pain points of my [ideal customer persona] and persuade them to take [desired action] with a sense of urgency and strong offer."

looking for a linkedin post


“Create an animated video script under 2 minutes that explains the advantages of a software service by providing a brief overview of its features <insert brief idea of the software service and what are its advanatges>.”

create animated video script under 2 min

create animated video script under 2 min

That’s the ChatGPT prompts list that marketers can take inspiration from. 

Whether you’re a software business trying to crack the code of lead generation, improve your content marketing strategy, or drive growth, these ChatGPT awesome prompts surely come in handy! Alternatively, if you're looking to enhance your business and marketing strategies with ChatGPT or need ChatGPT prompts mastering to do, don't hesitate to reach out to our team of experts

Thank you for joining us on this journey of exploring the power of ChatGPT prompts for business and marketers in everyday work and life. We hope you found this blog series informative and inspiring. Now all that is left for you to do is implement them, so go ahead and try them out! To know more about ChatGPT prompts or if you need effective and smart OpenAI services to help with your unique needs, get in touch with our experts!

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