Community Outreach by SJ Innovation

Community Outreach by SJ Innovation

At SJ Innovation, we believe in giving back to the community.  As a software development company that has been in business for 15 years, we are constantly looking for positive ways on how we can contribute to society in the geographic areas where our offices are located.

Community Outreach Program

There are many reasons why we want to help the community, but central to that idea is that we want to build relationships within the local society.  We believe this is important for doing business within a community.  Our main method of giving something back comes through our community outreach program in all of our office locations.  Through this program, we ask universities and young professionals to join up with this community outreach effort based on expertise.  The outreach comes in the form of teaching classes in the community.  For example, a software development engineer might offer classes on developing software.  Topics vary.  The classes are promoted on social media and in universities where potential students are encouraged to register.  Once classes fill up, small sessions including up to 10 students meet every other Friday.  Each class meets for a total of 3 sessions.  

Skills Development

Students can learn hard skills like software development and how to use different technology platforms.  There are also classes on soft skills where students learn basic skills like discipline, how to dress professionally, how project management works, and how to operate in the office environment.  Learning these skills gives the students confidence in the workplace and in life.

The Starfish Approach

With a large number of students graduating each year, we know that we are not reaching everyone in each community.  We believe in the starfish approach, however.  If we can make a difference to a few people, we can have somewhat of an effect on the overall society.  Over the last four years, we have trained upward of 500 students.  Those students have in turn gone out to serve the community.     

Onsite Classes

Our New York office offers full-day skills development classes for university students.  Our full team of 6 to 7 members travels to the university setting for informal sessions.  In other cases, students may be referred to us for an informal session.  This ongoing process of teaching students different skill sets helps in building teamwork.   

Employee Motivation

Our community outreach programs have a motivational effect for the team members, as well.  Employees gain good feeling knowing that they are contributing to society when they return to the universities that they graduated from to do training on certain skills.  This really motivates them and develops teamwork.   In addition to reaching out to the community, sometimes we attract good talent as an added benefit.  This helps us to build our company.   

Companies are encouraged to have a community outreach program.  Community outreach is empowering for companies.  With a community outreach program, businesses not only help the community where they are located, but employees are motivated that they are part of something positive.  In addition, it attracts good talent that can serve as potential job candidates for the company.

Since 2014, SJ Innovation has been in the business of creating innovative web solutions.  We are a full-service web development company with our main office located in New York.  Our company is known for delivering custom software solutions that our customers need to succeed.

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