The SJ Innovation + Contentful Combination

SJ Innovation partners with Contentful to encourage the building, launching, and shipping of websites as well as content swiftly on an enterprise-level wisely. SJ Innovation and Contentful collaborate effectively to uncover the complete value of digital products and ensure it is a success. Through the Contentful service partnership, developers, content creators as well as business and digital leaders can manage their content seamlessly and gain control over every iteration of their content in an intuitive web app.

The platform’s intuitive interface makes it seamless to integrate your tools, effectively manage content, publish across various channels and manage tasks wisely owing to Contentful’s industry-leading app framework.
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About Contentful

Contentful is a headless content management system founded in 2013 in Berlin, Germany. It is among content management systems that assist digital teams to collect content and deliver experiences fast. Both, the company as well as the platform are known as ‘Contentful’. It makes it seamless to launch new products, design new channels, and step into new markets with a content platform that thrives and expands along with your business. The platform is productive for managing content such as videos, images, music, structured documents, and code. A Contentful CMS demo can also give you a glimpse into what the platform offers.

Contentful features

Systematic and orderly UI

Contentful is tested to gain optimum results by offering users the best author experience. As a result, the platform comes with a simple and easy-to-understand user interface.

Handle flexible content models fuss-free

Since there are no predefined content models, create the content model on your own and manage flexible content models.

Content Infrastructure

The Contentful CMS open source platform handles delivering content seamlessly and all round the clock.

Supports all modern desktop browsers

Contentful is one of the content management systems for websites that functions flawlessly across all modern desktop browsers. It is also dedicated to supporting the two most recent versions of Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Opera, and Microsoft Edge.

Mobile and web operated from the same system

Contentful’s API makes it easy to offer content with just a click of a button. As instantly as it is published, obtain your content on the web, mobile, or any other platform required.

About SJ Innovation

SJ Innovation’s contentful service partnership is pivotal in gaining better control over content and maximizing productivity and efficiency in designing and launching websites faster. Being a solution partner working proficiently to offer best-in-class services to our clients, we go above and beyond to ensure businesses access controls, manage content, and streamline workflow in an interrupted and smooth way.

Speaking of a website with a content management system, SJ Innovation comes with the largest certified team of professionals. We also have a sizable team of certified developers who are well versed with the features of Contentful. Our experts skillfully help find the best method of action and solution needed so you can take advantage of Contentful in the best possible manner.
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Why Choose SJ Innovation?

SJ Innovation makes it easy to use Contentful to help speed up the delivery of content, enrich collaborations among teams, and obtain a better return on investments from digital content. Through Contentful, our services are customized right down to the most minute of requirements so that designing and managing digital content, apps, and websites is a breeze. We also assist with a Contentful CMS alternative as well as a website with content management system solutions.

SJ Innovation efficiently implements the resourceful delivery tier of this platform that can be deployed across various AWS regions to offer highly-available content for customers that have particular availability or compliance needs.
Contentful helps your website with content management system abilities and also provides an array of integrations that help enhance the productivity of developers as development teams can connect directly to AWS services using the library of built-in webhook templates that come with SQS, S3, and Lambda with the Contentful web app.
SJ Innovation utilizes Contentful’s top-notch content management features to accelerate content migration, content modeling, and implementation.

All in all, with Contentful’s rich and effective features on board, enterprises do not have to fret and fume about a thing.

Our professionals at SJ Innovation possess the skill, competency, and experience needed to use Contentful to unify and structure content so it can be edited from one hub and utilized in any digital channel. Our team also has the expertise to integrate with an extensive variety of cutting-edge tools for segmentation, translation, and eCommerce. If you want to know more about our Contentful service partnership or have queries on how to implement the power of Contentful for your business desirably, get in touch with us right away!


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