Let It Go

Hardest thing in life is to let go of something that you like; your favorite pair of jean that is so comfortable to wear that you don’t want to throw it away, your favorite car that you have been driving for last 15 years that keeps breaking down but you have so many good memories or a grudge that you have been holding for years long against someone.

You have a choice whether to keep the pair of jeans or your old car; your career also depends on you. Don’t blame your company all the time for not helping you advance your career. It is often you who is reluctant to do other things but the things you have been doing on a day-to-day basis. As Albert Einstein said “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results”. Don’t be that insane person. If you achieve greatness in one thing; you get appreciated but doing the same thing over and over and if you expect everyone to keep appreciating it then you should think again. That great work may get you one step forward towards your goal; but to keep moving further you must take on new challenges and responsibilities.

Delegation is hard, because you feel good doing the same thing and you are comfortable doing it. Not many people at work wants to get out of their comfort zone; that is why most of the meetings are lifeless as people don’t want to present ideas thinking they may become a laughing stock, or they will feel rejected if it is not appreciated. But companies don’t expect people to come with great ideas all the time; they want people who are willing to try different things, people who are not shy to get their hands dirty; basically, getting out of their comfort zone.

But one cannot take more responsibilities without giving up their existing ones. That brings back the topic of letting it go. To try new things, to be good at something else one must hand over some of their current responsibilities. If a closet says maximum capacity 50lbs and you keep putting clothes in there after reaching 50 lbs., at one-point entire closet will break. In your case, things that you are good at doing, your quality of work will go down because you will be juggling with too many things in your hand. So, let go of things that are holding your career, look for challenges and explore.

Arif Islam
SJ Innovation LLC
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