Prototyping Personalized E-Commerce with Amazon Web Services [AWS]

Prototyping Personalized E-Commerce with Amazon Web Services


Story time:

Last week I bought a computer monitor from online store and there I get suggestions to buy a keyboard + a mouse with it in a combo package optional to add other products to buy in a lower price. It even went further when I saw as per my location which brand is most popular and which of my social media friends have bought them and given reviews so that I can feel more confident to buy the products. At the end I bought the package of combo of a monitor + Gaming keyboard + a computer mouse + a wireless headphone with 17% less price when buying separately

So later on same evening I was sharing the experience with my family members and interestingly I found another story which happened with my elder sister who just got married last year and now staying with us as last month she became mother of lovely twin girls. She was shopping online and was buying staffs mainly as a pregnant woman and later on she used to get suggestions to buy staffs for just born children! She was happy with the experience and it gone wild when once she bought cloths for twins. She now get so many amazing products specially for twins. 


Personalization in E-Commerce services:

Online retail shopping is so much enhanced now a days that now it can understand your need and showcase products online specifically for you and your need and necessity. According to a recent report by Accenture, 91% of consumers are more likely to buy from companies who remember them and provide relevant offers.

This is what is called Personalized E-Commerce experience.

E-Commerce Personalization is the process of delivering personal experiences on eCommerce sites by dynamically showing content, product recommendations and specific offers based on previous actions, browsing behavior, purchase history, demographics, and other public personal data.

The most successful E-Commerce retailers continually improve their product offering to new and existing customers as well as nurture their customers’ shopping experience in a way that continuously makes customers welcome and happy shopping with them. And to make this overhead task easy Amazon Web Services has some amazing tools and services for all type of E-commerce Retailers.

This is where we at @SJ Innovation LLC started to working on building standard prototype for any type of E_Commerce platform which can use the latest IaC or Infrastructure as Code feature from AWS cloud services called CloudFormation service to get started with the Personalization feature in their existing or any new E-Commerce web application.

Please have a look on this for more information on IaC Infrastructure as Code 


Technology used:

We have used Amazon Amplify for all the Back-end functionalities development and deployment pipeline such as

  • GraphQL based API frm Amazon AppSync for Content creation + update.
  • NoSQL based Storage from Amazon DynamoDB for dynamic Content Storage.
  • APIGateWay for REST API to integrate third party services like data fetch/update from/to third party applications.
  • Amazon S3 for static content storage.
  • Amazon Cognito for User Authentication and Authorization for Admin-side.

For Frontend we have used NextJS with Serverless framework for Development and Deployment pipeline.

We have used this Opensource repository for initial guidance and structure planning.


Prototype Solutions Architecture: 

Prototype Solutions Architecture: AWS


Please let us know what do you think of our prototype. Feedback and constructive comments are welcome.

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About the author:

Partha Sarathi is an AWS certified Solutions Architect- Associate with hands on experience to design, develop and deploy Solutions Architecture for Serverless applications with AWS Technologies.

Get to know all about me here, 


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