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Lookout! Don't stumble and fall.
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Are you or anyone you know susceptible to falling down? As a person ages, their balance tends to falter. Even if you have incurred an injury, accidental falling is common. The result? Inconvenience as you go through back and forth rounds to the hospital. But, what if we say that you can prevent falling down and even make a fun game out of it? Seems unbelievable?

Presenting ‘Game of Falls’!

A fun, interactive, and entertaining application intelligently designed to help you sharpen your mind and teach you the ropes of how to avoid falling down. In short, the game assists you in staying mindful in certain injury-prone situations. After all, you want your home to be a safe and sound haven. This app gives you the peace of mind to do so while making it engaging and fun.
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How can you steer clear of falls?

- There’s an interactive tool that makes you aware of situations that can up the chances of a fall.
- Though an interesting game that unfolds in the form of exercises, you learn what you need to know to avoid falling.
- Used and tested successfully on individuals more prone to falling accidents.

Game of Falls can also work seamlessly for you too!
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How to play the game?

The game reviews potentially accident-prone areas around your house. Situations that can lead to serious falls and injuries.

You are then presented with scenarios of how you can fall as you go through various exercises.

Based on the choice you make you will be able to see whether you prevent the chances of a fall or succumb to it.

As you continuously face such scenarios, you automatically learn to decipher how to avoid falls and steer clear of accidents.
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How ‘Game of Falls’ benefit?

You gain an understanding of the kind of situations that cause falls, what to look for, and learn how to prevent the fall from occurring.

Helps you stay safe wherever you are at your house and all you have to do is play a simple game.

With every scene, the game also specifies guidelines and rules that give people reason enough to stop, think, and consider their steps and so avoid facing grave accidents.

You can seamlessly review your exercises by sitting down in the comfort of your bed, chair, and table.

Try ‘Game of Falls’ today!

After regular practice, you naturally get a hang of what to do and what to avoid. Slowly, you get the answers right, you will instantly know the right choice to make to minimize your risk of falling, and before you know it, regular visits to the nursing home will possibly be diminished.

The game also challenges your brain to stop and think situations through. So you wind up sharper and more alert when the situation calls for it.

It’s super fun and very easy to use!
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