How Quality Assurance is Vital to Different Industries in 2022

 How Quality Assurance is Vital to Different Industries in 2022

As the world is going digital, more companies and industries are warming up to the idea that Quality Assurance in IT is a must. After all, haven’t we all witnessed a website crash during the time of a big eCommerce sale? Or, say, for instance, couldn't experience a seamless step-by-step flow when filling out a form online? These performance issues or unexpected shutdowns occur owing to improper quality assurance and software testing. 


While the process of Quality Assurance (QA) testing, or at least the basic aim of a QA function, involves recognizing and detecting issues and variances, it's imperative to know the kind of industry you are catering to. Since different industries require QA testing for distinct reasons, it's essential to form a plan of action by looking into the firm's specific quality requirements. It helps instil faith in your product/service and inevitably enhances profitability. 


However, why are software testing and QA important for any business? How can you know whether your company or business needs Quality Assurance testing? 


Well, to put it simply, every industry that interacts with clients daily needs Quality Assurance & UAT. Having said that, some industries require QA. After all, sites that witness a great deal of traffic need to function smoothly at all times. With an experienced and skilled QA team by your side, you can take advantage of the benefits of quality assurance to seamlessly predict errors and push through failed website issues resulting from heavy traffic. 


The industries that need QA in 2022


The retail and eCommerce industry

Like we mentioned earlier, we have all seen instances when a website experiences a major crash during a big sale since it couldn’t handle the visitors that flocked to it. Having a robust QA strategy by your side to carry out hassle-free QA activities ensures:

  • You can understand the importance of load testing and put it into practice efficiently so that your website works smoothly even with many visitors on your site. This technique also helps you carry out multiple transactions seamlessly. 
  • You can keep a track of your website’s dynamic content and recognize performance issues instantly so you can fix issues as and when they arise and that too in real-life user scenarios.
  • You have a secure interface which proves to be a blessing since there have been a majority of cases where customer data gets stolen from PoS systems at retail stores.


The communications industry

The communications industry is thriving and enabling growth owing to software and technology. However, decreasing margins, finding better revenue streams, and the need for constant innovation are some roadblocks that the industry faces.

  • With QA, You can enhance the service of customers by streamlining the different workflows and processes. 
  • Since this industry relies on investments and requires RoI, software QA enables to segment users, promises continuity of service, and looks after vital elements such as proper revenue generation and billing.


The banking and financial sector

Cyber attacks and exposure to viruses have always been a constant threat to application development for the banking and financial sector. After all, having a secure environment is the most important aspect when money matters are involved. 


Digitization has also pushed many people to use mobile platforms to conduct important transactions and access bank accounts. While this scenario enhances customer experience, it threatens security levels at every phase as confidential customer data is on the line. So you can imagine how the benefits of a centralized quality assurance team can work wonders.


With appropriate security testing, you can:

  • Recognize and get rid of any looming vulnerabilities that can threaten the financial data of customers in the online space.
  • Steer clear of the innovative ways hackers and fraudsters attempt to penetrate the software of an application. 
  • Obtain a long-term QA plan to do away with glitches and threats so that the highly sensitive customer data is not used maliciously.


Airlines sector

The Airlines sector needs to be on top of various elements such as top-notch customer experience, timely service, and an effective crisis management plan so that they run successfully. As a result, it cannot afford to have even the slightest software glitch, or else it can cause system failures for renowned airports and airlines. 

The Airlines sector is also integrating a solid technology strategy through eCommerce agile technologies. As a result, safety testing and QA is becoming more vital than ever. 

Having a strong software QA plan ensures: 

  • The highly data-centric system does not falter or come across any glitches which can cause the entire system to collapse.
  •  The Airlines industry can attract potential customers through their glitch-free performance and trustworthy experience that enhances sustainability.


Call centers and the customer service industry


What does QA do in a call center? It’s imperative for the customer service industry, especially call centers to respond to calls efficiently and in real-time. Other than this, you also need to make certain that the communication lines are functioning appropriately and the call representative is professional and courteous in their approach. With QA, 

  • You can monitor the performance of agents and ensure they are staying true to company policy in a hassle-free manner.
  • You improve customer satisfaction since you provide a seamless service and so boost customer loyalty. 
  • It helps to minimize costs since agent productivity can be addressed through real-time solution quality assurance.


Other industries that benefit from QA 

  • Education industry: Admissions, scholarships, courses, campus life, career opportunities, can all be properly and systematically managed with a seamless database that has undergone regular and proper QA testing. A systematic QA software system makes certain the quality process moves forward according to plan. 
  • Healthcare industry: What is quality assurance in health? Tackling the issue of rising costs while preserving high standards of care is an aspect that the healthcare sector constantly faces problems with. By using a QA-tested system and strategy, errors are reduced and efficiency is enhanced. You can automate specific processes and use QA to test new features before they are put into effect so you can refrain from making mistakes. 


QA helps in unexpected ways and makes proceedings simple

All in all, even though almost all industries can benefit in a substantial way from QA testing, the above-mentioned ones make use of human resources, infrastructure, and technology so making sure they go through QA testing is a wise choice. 

Investing in software testing makes sure that you can offer customers the best experience possible. If you are looking for the best quality assurance benefits, an ideal software, and a smart QA testing strategy, get in touch with our QA experts. We offer you our nuanced and high-quality services so that we cater to your business needs seamlessly. 

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