Re-engage customers with the use of PWA Technology for Your Ecommerce Store

Progressive Web Apps Benefits for Magento Ecommerce Platform

In this blog post, I am going to discuss the trending 'buzzword' PWA i.e Progressive Web Apps.

What is PWA?

  • Let’s refer the definition provided by
  • PWA (Progressive Web Apps) is one of the most talked about technology shifts in the web and has gained unparalleled momentum among the practitioners in the IT world. If you are building for the web, I'm sure that PWA is the latest 'buzzword' that has been added to your work vocabulary.
  • Inshort , A new way to deliver amazing user experiences on the web.

How it benefits Magento ecommerce platform

  • Magento development services is an open-source eCommerce web application written in PHP and was earlier developed by Varien with help from the programmers within the open source community but is owned solely by Magento Inc.
  • Nowadays every vendor/Merchant wants to deliver a reliable an seamless experience to sell their products on the store as well get higher exposure in the World wide web offering global service regardless of the geolocation.

Each country has different infrastructure and the penetration of the internet varies depending the ISP’s offering their internet services.

There are situations where the ecommerce website which require higher bandwidth and due to poor connectivity the customer seamless experience of shopping turns out less engaging . The accessibility of the site is rendered via apps of mobile which takes time to load .

Usually to deliver mobile shopping experience the site offer apps on the respective native platform for e.g iOS/Android which the customers don’t prefer to download on their devices due to lack of storage on device,weak connectivity and other shopping behaviours of the customers based on the their needs.

Below list are the key points where PWA excels to take up!,  This app assists the target audience to revisit your website.

Key Benefits of PWA

  • Its open source, which offers developers to contribute and grow the platform.
  • Responsive and lite weight
  • Allows push notifications to notify customers
  • Offers Offline experience to engage with the site , in areas of weak connectivity.
  • Customer re-angements
  • App like experience
  • Mobile Optimized

How it works

           New technology which aims to combine the advantages of native apps and websites Technologies Used to Built it


  • PWA’s are developed using frontend libraries and frameworks which are trending in the Today's market
  • React Js , Vue.js or Angular Js which are used to to handle the frontend rendering of the site.

    API(Application Programing Interface )

  • Magento 2 via REST APIs allows endpoints to communicate with the frontend and backend.


Magento 2 as a backend offers blazingly speed, covering the same functionality as the traditional Magento frontend

There are various PWA’s communities which are developing the technology to get it full scaled availed to the web stores,

Vue Storefront is a standalone PWA storefront for your eCommerce(Magento development services), possible to connect with any eCommerce backend.

You can Checkout the following resources

Demo :

Github :

Youtube video to understand the scenario



PWA offers the store Owners to dramatically grow their business by offering more features and Functionalities to create engaging shopping experiences. Due to fast loading speed along with push notification, It hikes up conversion rate and allows smooth animations and navigations.


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