SJ Innovation Achieves MBE Certification: Another Successful Milestone in the Pursuit of Excellence!

SJ Innovation Achieves MBE Certification: Another Successful Milestone in the Pursuit of Excellence!

SJ Innovation is now certified as a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE)! To say that we are excited and pleased is an understatement. After all, it signals a new era of growth and opportunity. We’re a part of the elite league of businesses that fulfill the criteria for partnering with minority-owned enterprises. 

Our MBE accreditation demonstrates our dedication to diversity and inclusion. It solidifies the fact that we meet the Small Business Administration's (SBA) guidelines for minority-owned firms. It’s opened up avenues to a wide range of government contracts and initiatives, which will enable us to expand our company in the way we desire. Needless to say, we are beyond delighted!


What is MBE Certification?

MBE Certificate

Yes, you may have a minority-owned business, but to gain formal recognition as a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), certain criteria must be met. 

To become eligible and officially register as a minority-owned business, the company needs:


1. Ownership and Operation

The company must be at least 51% owned and operated by a U.S. citizen who is a member of one of the country's legally recognized minority groups.


2. Daily Operations and Management

The minority ownership members actively implement day-to-day management and operations of the company. 


3. For-profit and U.S. Presence 

The company must be for-profit and physically present in the United States or one of its trust territories.


The Impact of MBE Certification

Once you achieve MBE accreditation, there are many business benefits that await! 

Why it is such a remarkable feat?

  • It strengthens our unfaltering dedication to diversity, inclusivity, and social responsibility, emphasizing our commitment to building a better world. 
  • It’s a strategic achievement that positions us for dynamic partnerships and opens doors to exciting growth opportunities.
  • It empowers our esteemed partners to fulfill their corporate diversity objectives and comply with governmental regulations. 


What does it mean for our valued partners?

  • Opportunities for corporations to consciously meet their diversity commitments and leave a lasting impact!
  • Competitive advantages for our partners in satisfying governmental requirements, ensuring compliance while gaining a competitive edge.
  • An invitation to join us on a transformative journey toward a more inclusive and progressive future of business.


For us at SJ Innovation, this milestone signifies

  • Well-deserved recognition for our relentless dedication to fostering diversity and inclusivity within the business landscape.
  • Fresh horizons for growth and expansion, propelling us to new heights of success. 
  • Amplified prospects to collaborate with Fortune 5000 companies, building mutually beneficial partnerships.


SJ Innovation's MBE certification acts as a catalyst for collaborations, partnerships, and joint ventures that fuel innovation and drive growth unlocking doors to various opportunities within the industry.


The journey to achieving MBE Certification 

journey of achieving

In recent years, we have made significant progress on our journey to success, beginning from a two person bedroom office to an expanding global team of over 150+ members spanning five locations. We’ve expanded our services and won several awards: the most recent being achieving ISO 9001:2015 Certification and being Honored As One of The Most Reviewed IT Service Providers in Bangladesh By The Manifest. 

It is the dedication and efforts put forth by SJ Innovation's leadership team and employees under the watchful eye of Shahed Islam (CEO) and Shahera Choudhury (COO) that have helped us reach this stage. 

Achieving the MBE certification isn't just a feather in our cap; it's a giant leap towards tackling your unique business challenges head-on. Together with the power of state-of-the-art CRM and digital transformation technologies, we're ready to revolutionize your operations and solidify our reputation, credibility, and market presence. We are now at a point where we are ready to take our company to brand new heights!


SJ Innovation: Growing from Strength to Strength

SJ Innovation's growth

The MBE certification reaffirms SJ Innovation's position as a trusted partner for businesses seeking innovative digital solutions, backed by a diverse and talented team. With this accolade, SJ Innovation is poised to further expand its reach and impact, while fostering an inclusive business environment. However, our underlying motives are still intact: Continue to exceed client expectations with unparalleled expertise and a commitment to excellence.

Shahed Islam
Shahed Islam
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