SJ Innovation: Your First Stop for Quality Data Services

SJ Innovation: Your First Stop for Quality Data Services

We pride ourselves in providing our clients with flexible pricing system for every project, the experience of working with professional data typist, real-time communication, the opportunity of working with the latest software and tools and exceptional customer-aligned services.


As an enlarging IT firm, we maintain our office in a friendly environment despite following some tiring corporate rules and regulations. And we think that makes us more effective and well suited in fulfilling the company's goal.  A balanced relation between the local management and the team has always proven to be of great help at finding a way out of any difficult circumstances. Also, we maintain a dependable and friendly working relation among our colleagues.  We don’t just do our distributed task, we also arrange discussions about our running projects, the arising problems and try to solve them with the help of the local management. We arrange weekly language improvement classes, and try to make ourselves skilled within various IT project.

As always, the happiness of the employees is top priority in our company, and it feels great to know that this makes a positive impact on the mind of all the employees, always. Basically, all of this helps in the creation of a proper and effective SJ Dhaka office culture, making the company one of the largest IT organizations in Bangladesh.

SJ Innovation LLC, Bangladesh, created in 2008, is a branch of the parent company. From the start of this branch, it was crystal clear to all company staff that we are a very important and integral part of the company. We started with only 3 members of staff and now, close to 8 years later, we’ve increased to more than 60 active members of staff.

Our data entry team here in Dhaka-Bangladesh are highly skilled at providing the highest level and quality services in online research and all kinds of data entry work. We help our clients to improve the growth of their business by providing them with all kinds of data entry services starting from simple copy paste to  online data entry, data capturing from the web, data mining, data cleansing, image processing, remote desktop data entry, data validation, data conversion(in various formats such as Text (.txt), Microsoft Word (.doc), Microsoft Excel (.xls), Microsoft Access (.mdb), and Microsoft Access Portable Document (.pdf), product data entry to various ecommerce sites ( for examples: Magento, wordpress, oscommerce, zencart, bigcommerce, opencart, eBay, Amazon), catalog processing, OCR-scanning etc.

We place precedence on quality over quantity, and we make sure that data is delivered on time and with exceptional quality and accuracy.
You’ll enjoy the following benefits by working with our Data Entry Team:

  • Opportunity to add additional services to your portfolio.
  • Increased company revenue and client satisfaction.
  • Quality work in an amazingly timely manner.
  • Free sample of any data entry work.
  • Prompt response to our clients’ queries.
  • Affordable and negotiable pay rates.

We accept payment only after you receive the completed work, check it and are totally satisfied with the quality.
100% client satisfaction is our motto. We are punctual, accurate and give every client a fast turnover, high quality and cost effective services.

Working with us will be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make in your life, and on top of that, you’ll have an amazing experience.

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At the Heart of SJ Innovation How we Coordinate our International venture

At the Heart of SJ Innovation: How we Coordinate our International venture



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Welcome Back!!!