15 Lessons we learnt from running our software development agency for 15 years

15 Lessons we learnt from running our software development agency for 15 years

It All Started Here

The Beginning of SJI

Over the last 15 years of running a software development agency, we've worked a lot and learned a lot. From humble beginnings in bedroom office with only a few clients, we've grown to 140 employees across five offices. Here's a few of the lessons we've learned along the way. 

Beginners experience at SJI

Beginners experience at SJI

Its been 5 great months since I started working for S J Innovation. Feels good to be a part of SJ Innovation and work as a team to achieve company’s motto and individual goals.

I had heard that employees at SJI are very friendly and helpful and it is a great place for freshers to learn and it’s exactly as what I had heard.

Culture &Happiness in SJ Innovation

Culture & happiness in SJI

It's been repeatedly observed for lot of successful companies that how their success is directly related to the culture they follow and happiness index of team members.
Over the time I always wondered about these things, what are these things and how we can inherit them.
What does it mean by culture in a company or in a team? Do we have something like this or is it actually possible for us to follow something like this?
How you can have all your team members happy? Is it possible to satisfy everyone's happiness?

SJ Innovation Vision & Mission

SJ Innovation Vision & Mission


Where employee happiness generates client success


Happy Employees at SJ Innovation

Mission Statement

To continuously improve customer service by providing consistency in quality, productivity and timeliness. This is accomplished by enabling our employees to achieve greater happiness and professional satisfaction through excellence in customer service.

How we Coordinate our International venture

At the Heart of SJ Innovation: How we Coordinate our International venture

At SJ Innovation, we are all about the hard-working people who represent us on a daily basis. We consider it our mission to ensure that our global team of employees are happy, contented and motivated, as we believe that this translates into client success and attainment.