Importance of to-do list in Web-Developers day to day life

To do list in Web Developers Life

Let us try to understand why is to-do list so important in our daily life?
This actually helps us to stay well organised. A good example would be, suppose you go to buy grocery items and on reaching the store you realize that you forgot the list which you noted down items to get at home. Do you realize the importance now? :)

Similar concept applies to our office work. Just imagine we have a big project with many tasks and employees working on it. But it would be better if we have a prioritized checklist which will help us to keep track of all the activities on time. This will ensure us towards completion and perfect on-time delivery.

To be well organized at workplace, we need to follow below three steps.
1) Make to-do list: Making list in your mind doesn't really workout. You often tend to forget with time. Best is to list down the tasks on a piece of paper or type it somewhere. Later break down the bigger tasks into smaller sub achievable tasks and prioritize them within themselves. This will keep us away from getting stressed by a large number of unimportant ones.

2) Strike them out: Strike out the task once done. This gives us satisfaction of completing and also push us ahead to accomplish next task. In today's world we have many tools like sticky notes, reminders, memos, apps, etc which note down the time of completion and rate your productivity.

3) Do it right away: Sometimes we feel little lazy to take up next task. But try to push yourself so you do not go off track. A small break can be taken to refresh your mind. But do not get distracted, get yourself focused for next task.
My suggestion for this step would be, keep the list in front of you. This will make you realize to strike the pending items.

The best example of to-do list would be this blog itself, which is broken down into three steps and i have accomplished writing it today only.

So before beginning for the day at work. Make a to-do , work towards it and stay well organised. This will definitely boost our performance and there by our career.

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