What are the Top Features that Make React.js Captivating? Which Industries are Utilizing it?

What are the Top Features that Make React.js Captivating? Which Industries are Utilizing it?

Isn’t front-end development evolving and expanding at the speed of light? Well, it sure feels like it. After all, brand-new tools, libraries, and frameworks are springing up almost regularly. A common debate is: react js vs react native which is better? Out of all the front-end development frameworks, React.js emerges as a cut above the rest in the web development space. But why use Reactjs?


Why this unparalleled popularity and all-consuming success for React.js you may ask? 


Of course, it is an open-source JavaScript library, popular for creating highly responsive and dynamic user interfaces for web and mobile applications with minimal coding, but what makes this framework stand out? Why are industries using React.js to prioritize performance and efficiency? And which top companies are using Reactjs? Are these the same top companies that use javascript? Read on to have your queries answered.


Instead of googling ‘why use react js reddit, in this blog, you will learn “What are the most eye-catching features of React.js?” and “Which industries are using this framework?” and your curious questions on why this framework is an absolute star will be answered. 


Features of React.js that make it captivating and why we use Reactjs:


Easily reuse code in a variety of ways

  • With React.js, you can reuse the writing components (code) as many times as you wish to. 
  • This code can be reused in any third-party solution by customizing the connections with other components present or even in the same project. 
  • Reusability also works to minimize code errors. 
  • In this way, React.js saves time significantly by ensuring projects get completed without wasting time. 

It also offers the ability to reuse code functions well with all kinds of software that is compatible with the React.js library. Take code written for implementation of a website. It can be utilized repeatedly for any app. It proves to be a lifesaving decision as you won’t need individual teams to create a mobile app as well as a web-based platform for the same client. 


Quick interface rendering 

  • Why use Reactjs for web development? Web sites and apps focus more on content these days. It’s all about effectively displaying tons of dynamically updated data and managing constant interactions with users.
  • Interface rendering occurs quite rapidly with React.js owing to Document Object Model (DOM). So, if a newsfeed is implemented, the DOM will inevitably draw up components in the browser. 
  • A virtual DOM (a lightweight alternative) can also be used which can help draw up quick and new elements while also making sure web app developers obtain a multi-component methodology to create code.


Enhanced SEO results

  • If you look from an SEO perspective, developers favor this technology substantially. 
  • Since SEO requires the app or web to possess a low loading time, with React.js, your web page will take as fast as three seconds to load which speeds up the SEO process. 


Systematic and structured design/developer tools

  • No matter what the software developer may need, React.js comes replete with a well-thought-of set of development, designs, and debugging tools. 
  • This efficient toolset functions perfectly for specific browsers like Chrome and Firefox.
  • All the developer has to do is seamlessly track the hierarchy of components by undergoing inspection in the V-DOM from these browsers.


Clear abstraction so less confusion ensues

  • One of the most desirable elements is that the framework provides a wonderful level of abstraction which means the user does not come in contact with complicated internal processes.
  • Owing to this, React.js becomes less confusing to use. 


Software developers find it simple to use

  • Even beginners can use  React.js as it is simple to understand and get a hang of. 
  • One of the biggest reasons why developers prefer it is because of its one-way-data binding. 
  • Developers do not have to go through the laborious task of adding various codes for customizations in parent components if they need to modernize inherited structures. 
  • Thanks to its isomorphic nature, you can easily resume the same code on the user as well as server-side of the software.
  • This saves valuable time for the dev team as they don’t need to duplicate the same functionality in various ways. 
  • Many experts believe that React offers writing spotless and lightweight code while it is not scattered with exorbitant elements. 


Offers stability and looks promising for the future 

  • Industries are on a quest for stability, particularly for technology. React.js offers this assurance to them. 
  • With big names such as Instagram and Facebook on its side, millions of developers rely on this framework. 
  • Moreover, React.js remains resolute and popular despite peer competition owing to its stability and security. 


So now that you know why the tech world has found solace with the existence of React.js, let’s move on to which companies are making the most of this framework. 


What are the top companies that use React.js and how does it benefit them?

Being a sustainable, dependable, and high-performing JavaScript library, many industries and prominent companies choose React.js to build or rebuild their web applications. 


The proof of React.js’s merits is best witnessed in how popular it is in various industries today.


Here are some of the industries and companies that utilize React.js to their maximum potential. 


Cloud storage file hosting

The cloud storage file hosting industry has witnessed humongous respite with React.js’ features. 



  • Dropbox, one of the most in-demand cloud storage and management companies, helps users store and share unlimited files/folders via file synchronization. 
  • Lately, with the implementation of React.js’ features, Dropbox can benefit from lesser file sizes, virtual DOM, and all-encompassing community support. 
  • React.js is also pivotal in setting up cloud-based online backup solutions that align with various storage level services owing to its massive client community all over the globe.  



  • Another cloud computing enterprise software consulting company, Salesforce — one of the leading CRM organizations in the world, takes advantage of what React.js has to offer.
  • Tapping into the potential of this framework, Salesforce renders intricate Visualforce pages efficiently and quickly. 
  • Salesforce developers are designing views within Visualforce with the help of React.js, making it simple to render pages at lightning speed. 


Automotive and energy industry 

The automotive and energy industry has seen its fair share of successes because of React.js.



  • Being a brand to reckon with in the automotive and industry sector, Tesla has been speeding up the world’s move to sustainable energy via reusable energy solutions, solar panels, and electric cars.
  • Officially, the development team at Telsa is making use of advanced React.js’ advanced web engineering technology.


Online food ordering

The online food ordering industry has grown leaps and bounds ever since the pandemic and owing to how convenient and transparent ordering food at your doorstep has become. 


Uber Eats

  • One of the top companies using React Native is Uber Eats.
  • While many know this well-known brand for its ability to make ordering food, browsing for options, and tracking orders seamlessly  — these processes are easily made possible owing to React.js. 
  • The restaurant dashboard can be accessed through tablets or smartphones as UberEats wanted a stress-free and smooth way for consumers and suppliers to communicate effectively. 
  • As a result, placing and accepting an order, the delivery person’s arrival, and execution of the order all take place systematically while there is a marked difference even in the web application’s user experience. 


Social media/Social networking/Advertising

The development of social media applications enables companies to advertise products, and services and helps individuals connect.



  • Facebook, the pioneer of React.js, utilizes the framework where their webpage that is created with the help of React has a script blended into the app code. 
  • As React became more responsive, Facebook has been using it to ensure the display of comments and notifications occurs without any page reload. 



  • This trending social media platform used to share photos, videos, and information makes use of a lot of modern-day features and has a great API. 
  • The React.js library was used to develop this single-page web app thereby ensuring quick performance and response time to user-drive events. 
  • Thanks to React, an array of features in the Instagram web such as geolocations, progressive loading, Google MAPS,  uploading, and video/image delivery among others are made possible.


So there you have it. 


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