Veeva Partners with SJ Innovation to Provide Seamless Cloud-based Software Solutions for Regulated Industry Organizations

SJ Innovation is working with Veeva to bring customers a range of cloud-based software solutions without compromising on quality. Through this, clients can receive a clear and cohesive project outline and rely on Veeva’s industry expertise to deliver. Veeva Vault is a cloud-based content management system that acts as a central hub for creating, reviewing, approving, storing, and distributing medical and commercial content.

SJ Innovation is well positioned to provide cloud-based software solutions due to years of dedicated work with a broad range of clients. Through partnering with Veeva, clients receive a modern quality management system with increased efficiency.
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About Veeva

Veeva NYSE (VEEV), a pioneering international supplier of cloud-based software solutions for regulated sectors such as consumer products, chemicals, cosmetics, and life sciences, was established in 2007. Veeva’s applications enable manufacturers to realize the benefits of a modern, cloud-based platform to manage the product journey and bring innovative, high-quality products to market faster without compromising industry-specific functionality, quality, or regulatory compliance. Veeva allows you, as a business owner, to focus on high-priority tasks and not get inundated with an overwhelming to-do list. SJ Innovations administers the characteristics and capabilities of Veeva to revolutionize the performance of software development agencies.

Benefits of using Veeva

Adaptability and Scalability

Consistently able to meet the demands and requirements of users and overcome a range of challenges to provide faultless outcomes.

Three Yearly Upgrades

The upgrades come at no extra cost and are solely provided by the vendor to ensure a seamless user experience.

Easy Integration and Compatibility

The program is compatible with mobile browsers and may be simply integrated with pre-built apps.

Clear Content Management

Users may make educated decisions, find novel solutions, and gain actionable insights thanks to smart reporting and accessible dashboards.

Correct Configurations

Take advantage of quick installation, which reduces the expense of scaling up or down. Before being released to other channels, content may also be checked and evaluated.

Robust Platform

Veeva is built on a Salesforce platform that is reliable, trustworthy, and easy to navigate thus ensuring users face minimal issues.

About SJ Innovation

SJ Innovation works powerfully in conjunction with Veeva to deliver exceptional CRM software that works efficiently for both businesses and customers. We go above and beyond as a solution partner committed to providing outstanding services to our clients to ensure that organizations can easily receive personalized, coordinated customer experience across channels. SJ Innovation team is highly experienced in Salesforce and CRM projects through extensive and detailed work for past clients.

Following years of experience, our team are also constantly learning and evolving their skillset to ensure you receive the best results. Our AWS certified developers work tirelessly to find a CRM solution that pushes your business to success.
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Why choose SJ Innovation?

In order to improve speed and address bugs and other problems, SJ Innovation make changes to your present CRM system. SJ Innovation can assist you in putting into practise a top-notch CRM system that is affordable, regardless of your objectives. Our unified CRM systems have a significant impact on productivity, communication, and general effectiveness. Whether you require something built from scratch or amending your existing CRM, SJ Innovation can help the following

Find Quality Customers.
Retain Existing Customers.
Improve Efficiency.

SJ Innovation is here to help you through each stage of your business journey and help you foster a prosperous relationship with your customers. You can count on us to deliver high quality projects and meet your needs in a timely manner. Get in contact with us right away if you want to learn more about our collaboration with Veeva or if you have any questions about how we assist our clients.


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