Winning is achieving

8 Tips to Achieve and Excel in Your Career Field

Isn't winning fun? Yes! But that's not the point. There are few things which we need to understand about winning and achieving :

Wanting to win is the point.

Not giving up is the point.

Never letting up is the point.

Never being satisfied with what you've done is the point.

We win and we should be proud of it but never be over confident as one has to always be ready to take another fight.

I started my career as a manual tester and always thought that automation testing is way beyond my capacity. I never had the courage to start with automation QA. But as the time progressed I realized that if I need to move forward then I need to learn and work towards it.So I started learning automation and found my little moments of glory day after another.

I read, practiced ,took help from my seniors and friends and got confident that I can do it. I cherished every other little thing I did in automation field and that boosted me to work hard and achieve it.

Now it gives me immense happiness to work in this field because I have overcome the fear, I am still learning and implementing new techniques in this field as it is a vast area and we need to learn and move forward as life progresses.

There are some in depth ways which helped me to achieve and excel in this field :

1. Second Effort : Making that extra effort can make the difference. It means going the extra mile when you are tired; and winning is not guaranteed. Always have to try again!

2. Get It Done : Get It Done: Work hard against all odds to succeed; when the objective is set for the day. "Get it done" and get it done well!

3. The Killer Instinct: The issues I termed as opponents which were stopping me from getting my "A" game, but I knew I had to complete it at the end of the day and so I archived it.

4. Raising the level of the Game: To achieve my objective for the day, sometimes it was just too tiresome to debug the issues; but I had to dig deep and pull up the solutions to succeed so that I move to the next level.

5. The helping hand: Sometimes I would not get any answers for my problem and so I had to use other means to complete it so I took help from my seniors and friends to complete it.

6. Avoid "Playing Not to Lose" : Sometimes it was just to complicated too solve, but Never get the negativity in you that you cannot do it.Always have a positive feeling about the things you want to achieve and you will get it.

7. Getting the Momentum: Peak performers understand and use momentum to their advantage.When I get my momentum, I uses that momentum and complete most of the things which I can do for the day or the week. We need to be in momentum on the tasks we want to achieve.

8. No Mind Games : The solution to all my problems were available on internet but sometimes you need to be true to yourself and do it on your own.

So you should keep in mind that NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE and remember that if you work hard towards your goal then you are definitely going achieve it.


Royston Fernandes
Royston Fernandes
QA Engineer
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