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Important Lessons To Learn While Working From Home

Who would have believed 2020 would see us going through a global pandemic, bringing the world to an abrupt standstill and forcing us to work from home. Many everyday things we considered normal such as going to work, meeting friends, and visiting family have become elements of a forbidden routine.

Shahed Islam
Health is Wealth: Boosting Your Business by Encouraging Wellness

Whilst making our annual trip to the Goa Office this February, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Danzil Fernandes, a QA Analyst for SJInnovation, who also works as a wellness coordinator. We discussed the implementation of a wellness programme for employees and how beneficial it can be to companies of all sizes.

Sandeep Kumar
Coding Tips, Duke Experience


1. Index the required columns from table.
Make sure the table columns are properly indexed as per the requirement of your query. Do not keep adding too many indices, as it takes up additional disk space.