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Sending E-mail Using Amazon SES With PDF Attachment

Doesn’t it look like the good old email is standing the test of time — tall and strong? Whether it’s sending a message to a colleague or writing down a well-worded business proposal to a client, the email never goes out of style! 

Sankalp Chari
Lambda trigger on DynamoDB Table events in CDK

The era of serverless architecture is fascinating and automation and scalability go hand in glove. What does this mean in the world of Lambda Trigger on DynamoDB Table Events in CDK? In this comprehensive guide, we will discover DynamoDB event triggering Lambda in CDK.

Amey Fadte
What You Need to Know about Easy Shop?

To cut straight to the chase (because we’re sure you have many questions), Easy Shop is an ecommerce web application developed using React with Redux state management and AWS services for a serverless backend.