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Walking Towards Drupal Certification 9 Site Builder | SJ Innovation LLC

Finally I passed the exam 

Watching my name listed on Acquia Certification Registry was not even in my wildest dreams. After joining the Drupal community and watching people listing their achievements on their profile I started challenging myself to achieve the same.

Acquia Certification: Tips & Resources by Joshua Fernandes

The Story of My First Acquia Certification

I started as a junior software developer and I always felt that it would be the best possible start for a new web developer. This is because it would introduce me to the broadest view of the web development lifecycle process and not restrict me to just one set of technology stack. This would give me the exposure and the opportunity to examine what is needed in each phase. However, after getting the needed experience, some tasks may distract one from the deeper technical items. Therefore, I currently prefer to work on more custom tasks, such as using APIs and custom module development.

7 Reasons Drupal is the Platform of Choice for Software Development Agencies

7 Reasons Drupal is the Platform of Choice for Software Development Agencies

We are currently in the midst of one of the most unstable and dynamic periods in the history of web development. Between COVID-19's incredible social impact and a flood of technological advancements lead by cloud-based infrastructure, software development agencies need a tool that is powerful, customizable, and adaptable. Smart developers turn to Drupal. Here are the top 7 reasons why your software development agency needs to make Drupal your content management framework of choice.

DRUPAL: The CMS you must be looking for!

DRUPAL: The CMS you must be looking for!

Your CMS is the chassis of your content marketing campaign.It doesn’t matter how great your content is, if your CMS can’t display and manage it right, it won’t have nearly half the impact it deserves.

Many people mistakingly consider Drupal as a CMS (Content Management System), while Drupal is primarily a framework, one that can be used to build a CMS, but out of the box it is nothing more than a toolset with some basic functionality.