Qualities to Become a Good Software Tester

By Praveen Devarkar

Now a days Software testing is becoming very important part of the companies. Because organisations now know how important software testing is for successful and popularity of the software. So companies are looking out for a bunch of good testers for their QA department to deliver quality product for customers. So below are the few […]

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Experience of Organizing Hackathons at SJInnovation

By Sarvesh Shejwadkar

Hackathons at SJ Innovation are usually a yearly event. Every year, Tech Leads meet and discuss ideas to be executed by team members. It is a day event, usually a Friday where all team members grind through their time trying to do their best. Once ideas are finalised, tech leads decide whether it is suitable […]

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No tool can replace Manual Testing

By Lavina Faria

Nowadays manual software testers are in a panic way thinking when company might take decisions and get rid of manual QA giving Inclination to Automation QA. But does company or clients know the fact that the tools what are been used for automation itself is developed by human being and possibly there can be defect […]

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Cultivating Learning in team

By Madhav Ranganekar

We have always heard that due to the hectic work schedule team members always find it difficult to spend some quality time towards learning new things. Self-Motivation is one of the important factor which gets affected and team members find it difficult to maintain in this busy and tiring schedule. Hence it’s always a challenge […]

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QA Hackathon

By Akshata Alornekar

After the Hackathon event on Drupal framework in February 2014, the next Hackathon was planned for QA team. QA Hackathon was organised on 13th June 2014. It was fun filled, exciting and was also a part of the quarterly goals, which every member in SJ Innovation has to follow. The Hackathon was mainly aimed at […]

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