Coding Tips, Duke Experience

By Sandeep Kumar

Database 1. Index the required columns from table. Make sure the table columns are properly indexed as per the requirement of your query. Do not keep adding too many indices, as it takes up additional disk space. 2. Use signed/unsigned properly. Signed variables use one bit to flag whether they are positive or negative. Unsigned […]

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Must Have Tools for a Digital Agency

By Shahed Islam

  If a digital agency is to function to its maximum potential and succeed in delivering creative strategies and solutions to targeted markets, alongside high quality technical development, then it simply has to be facilitated by the best possible tools available. We are able to stay at the upper crust of our field through a […]

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At the Heart of SJ Innovation: How we Coordinate our International venture

By Shahera Choudhury

At SJ Innovation, we are all about the hard-working people who represent us on a daily basis. We consider it our mission to ensure that our global team of employees are happy, contented and motivated, as we believe that this translates into client success and attainment. Of course, the growth of our business and its […]

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Cultivating Learning in team

By Madhav Ranganekar

We have always heard that due to the hectic work schedule team members always find it difficult to spend some quality time towards learning new things. Self-Motivation is one of the important factor which gets affected and team members find it difficult to maintain in this busy and tiring schedule. Hence it’s always a challenge […]

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