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Bushra Nawar
A guide to render a view in AJAX call with Laravel

AJAX has revolutionized the way we interact with web applications. After all, look how extensively it is used today for form submissions, dynamic content updates, and data validation tasks.

The Cost of Developing a React Website: How Much Will You Really Pay?

An estimated 8787 industry leaders currently use React.js. Some of the most recognizable names among the lot are Netflix, Airbnb, Whatsapp, Instagram, Uber, Twitter, BBC, and Reddit.

Evelyn Menezes
ChatGPT in Everyday Work Life (Part 1): Powerful Prompts for Web Development, QA, and Project Management!

Thriving in software companies is like a high-speed race where slowing down means falling behind. Whether it’s coding, testing, writing, project management, or client communication—Being prompt, efficient, and on your toes is always the order of the day.