How to Keep Your Employees Engaged and Happy at Work During COVID-19

By Govinda Naik

It’s no secret that COVID-19 has dramatically changed the workplace. Some businesses decided to nix the office and work from home, while others attempted to navigate safety protocols while in the office. No matter what decision a company makes, it’s important to maintain a healthy environment for employees, so they know their health and happiness […]

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4 Ways to Motivate Employees During This Pandemic

By Shahera Choudhury

Volunteering in local community initiatives can help your startup or agency to grow. Employees who render their services to these initiatives should constantly get motivated since it helps them serve the community better. According to a Gallup survey, organizations with motivated employees in their ranks are likely to be more profitable than those whose employees are […]

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15 Lessons we learnt from running our software development agency for 15 years

By admin
SJI 15 Years

Over the last 15 years of running a software development agency, we’ve worked a lot and learned a lot. From humble beginnings in bedroom office with only a few clients, we’ve grown to 140 employees across five offices. Here’s a few of the lessons we’ve learned along the way.  Clear Vision. Despite a tight budget, we […]

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