Why CRM is important

By Ismail Hossain

CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT is one of the cornerstones of good business practice. Why? Quite simply, without a customer base you don’t have a business. Maintaining effective relationships with your customers by ensuring your interactions are tailored and seamless will grow brand loyalty while also bringing a host of other benefits to your company. We’ve outlined […]

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Why Your Business Should Prioritize Customer Retention More

By Saidul Alam

When choosing between customer retention and customer acquisition, the average entrepreneur will tell you that their priorities lies in the latter. Not that they don’t think that former customers are important, but most seem to have this notion that customer retention and customer acquisition are two totally separate, but slightly similar things – like two […]

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The Art of Lead Follow-up Why You Should Avoid the Hard Sell

By Shahed Islam

When it comes to following-up leads and engaging potential clients for your digital agency, there are an array of things that you should not do. It is also not unusual to be gripped by fear and insecurity when reaching out to large corporations and experienced individuals, and this alone can prevent you from building potentially […]

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